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(27) - Wissembourg (F)

The French small town of Wissembourg is situated in the north-eastern part of France just 1.2 miles from the border to Germany. The German village of Windhof is situated directly at the state boundary to Wissembourg borough.

F-67160 Wissembourg:

7500 inhabitants/ Height above sea-level: 630 feet
Departement" "Bas-Rhin" 67 (=French Lower Rhine)
Distances: Strasbourg (F): 36 miles; Karlsruhe: 27 miles, Sarreguemines (F): 51 miles


Arrival in Wissembourg (the name is a phonetic transcription of the Original German name Weissenburg), coming from Germany, this is the first place you reach.


Leaving the trunk road at this small intersection, means going into France.

   Borderline along the main road: observe the little abandonned customs border-house on the right, the living-house behind it, is in Germany already.

Zooming in: the street board with the place name and a welcome-board of the State of Rhineland-Palatinat next to it.


Leaving Windhof (Germany) towards Wissembourg (France).


And finally: (since we are here anyway...) A touristic view of the old town (Vielle Ville) of Wissembourg/Alsace.


BK october 2001

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