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(09) - Various pictures (NL + B + L + F)


  Maastricht (NL) - Kanne-Riemst (B):

View from the castle 'Agimont' in Neercanne (Maastricht) towards the Dutch-Belgian border.

  Eijsden (NL):

along the N592: district Witthus (com. Eijsden) south of Maastricht, southernmost borough of Holland.

   Abeele (West-Vlaanderen): Borderline and linguistic border in the middle of the street.

The river Leie (French: la Lys) is the border between Belgium and France.

   Oberbillig (D) - Wasserbillig (Luxembourg)

Confluent of rivers Sauer (Sūre) and Mosel (Moselle):

   Die Sauer / La Sūre:
State Boundary Luxembourg / Germany
 X  Sint Maarten (NL) / Saint Martin (F):
In the Caribbean, the Kingdom of the Netherlands has a common border with France on the Leeward Island of St. Martin; however there are no customs or border checkpoints anywhere.

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