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(41) - Stoubach (B) / Stupbach (D)

1. Stupbach (D)

Village in the Lützkampen community in the Kreis Bitburg-Prüm in Rheinland-Pfalz.

Situated on the left bank of the Our river. Height above sea-level: 1730 ft.

2. Stoubach (B)

Village in the Burg-Reuland community in the province of Liege.

Situated on the left bank of the river Our.

Stoubach / Stupbach Stupbach (D):

Arrival in German Stupbach from Germany hinterland.

Stoubach / Stupbach Stupbach (D):

...and leaving Stupbach for the German hinterland.

Stoubach / Stupbach Stoubach (B):

Belgian side upon leaving for Germany.

Stoubach / Stupbach Stoubach (B) /Stupbach (D):

View from the Belgian to the German side.

 Stoubach / Stupbach  Stoubach (B):

Arrival on the Belgian side (coming from Germany).

Stoubach / Stupbach Stoubach (B):

View over the Our-valley with border-bridge and German part in the background and far right.

Stoubach / Stupbach Stoubach (B) /Stupbach (D):

On the bridge: the coats of arms of the two countries mark the border symbolically.

BK October 2002

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