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(14) - Spijk/Lobith (NL) near Elten (D)

Pictures were taken where the river Rhine touches Dutch ground for the first time, near Spijk-Lobith south of Emmerik-Elten.

From April 1949 till August 1963 the frontier was half a mile east of this line, in 1963 the old situation was re-established, creating a difficult situation for 80 Dutch inhabitants of the left side of the street: the whole street became German, leaving the house meant going abroad.

   Near the Rhine around Spijk:
German farmhouse with German and Dutch street name sign, there used to be two separate signs/posts in the past.
   The Old Kleefsepostweg in Spijk: as of this point the whole street is German, while the left side is Dutch territory. (see introduction)
   View from the Rhine dike to German Eltenberg the meadows in between are Dutch land though.
   View towards the other side: river Rhine flowing from Cologne/Emmerik to Arnhem: Dutch bank in front of us, and German side accross the river.
   Small intersection on the trunk road to Elten: German street signs

BK December 2000

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all photos copyrighted by BK. It is not the intention to question or revise the existing border.