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(EE) - Schmiede (L)

The place Schmiede (in Luxemburgish local tongue 'Schmëtt') is the northernmost village of the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg.

Situated at a 'real' tripoint, as the state frontier of Luxembourg meets here the Belgian internal boundaries of Liege and Luxembourg-Belge provinces. The Belgian internal provincial borderline, also is the linguistic border between German and French language area.

L-9999 Schmiede (GDL) - at 1650 ft. height above sea level.

 Schmiede (L)  We arrive in Luxemburg: here is the starting point of the National Road N7, which runs through Luxembourg from north to south all the way to the Capital. (= 42 miles, travel-time 1.5 hrs!!). Which can be considered amazingly far for Luxembourg standards...

route de Stavelot

 Schmiede (L) Looking back: upon leaving Schmiede, we enter Belgium (again): here is the starting point of the National Road N68 to Vielsalm (B) and Malmédy (B).
 Schmiede (L) When leaving Schmiede (L), we reach a newly built round-about, entirely on Belgian territory, as per blue-white road signs: it is not possible to determine the exact border-line here easily.
 Schmiede (L) Near the same round-about: looking back to Luxembourg and the huge filling-stations directly behind the border, as well as the shopping centre 'Knauf Center' , open on Sundays, and strategically situated on the border and dominating the rest of the village and surroundings.



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