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(HH) - Along the river Sauer (D + L)

D-54669 Bollendorf:

Recreational village in the Southern Eifel mountains and in the Sauer river valley in the German Bitburg-Prüm county.

2000 inhabitants
142 m above sealevel

L-6555 Bollendorf-Pont:

On the western bank of the river Sauer, part of the Berdorf/Bäerdref community with total of 1000 inhabitants.

Distances: Luxembourg: 22 miles; Diekirch: 13 miles

Bollendorf Bollendorf overview maps of Bollendorf (D) and Bollendorf-Pont (L)
Bollendorf Bollendorf (D):

Arrival on the German side: we have just left Luxemburg.

(Neuerbrurger Strasse)

Bollendorf Bollendorf-Pont (L): Looking over the river Sauer/Sûre from Luxemburg to the German side and the bridge in the background.
 Bollendorf  Bollendorf (D):

Tourist view: German 'Bollendorf Castle + Hotel' from the Luxemburg side.

Bollendorf Bollendorf-Pont (L):

Arrival in Bollendorf-Pont from direction Diekirch along the N10.

(route de Diekirch / Dikrechter Strooss)

 Bollendorf  Bollendorf-Pont (L):

Looking from the Luxemburg side to the German city centre.

Bollendorf  Bollendorf-Pont (L):

On the border-bridge: the tiny customs office of the Luxemburg customs with inscription in two languages: "Douane - Zoll."

Bollendorf Bollendorf-Pont (L):

Looking out over the river Sauer (Sûre) to the German side.

Bollendorf Bollendorf (D):

Leaving German Bollendorf and looking over the Sauerbrücke (bridge) towards Bollendorf-Pont in Luxembourg.


L-6450 Echternach:

Small town on the west bank of the river Sûre/Sauer.

Nice historic town-centre around the Place du Marché and the abbey and the Eglise St. Willibrod church.

4400 inhabitants
142 m above sealevel

Distances: Luxembourg: 35 km, Diekirch: 28 km

D-54668 Echternacherbrück:

Situated on the eastern bank of the river in the Bitburg-Prüm county in the Federal State of Rhineland-Pfalz.

1000 inhabitants.

Distances: Bitburg: 20 km; Bollendorf: 7 km


Echternach Overview map of Echternach (L)
Echternach (L) Echternacherbrück (D):

We are leaving the town of Echternach towards Germany and cross the river Sauer (La Sûre).

(rue du Pont)

Echternach (L) Echternach (L): Looking back to the Luxemburg side.
 Echternach (L)  Echternacherbrück (D):

The bridge over the river and the silhouette of the German side.

Echternach (L) Echternacherbrück (D):

Arrival in Echternacherbrück. Even an old (red-white) barrier can still be seen.

(Bitburger Strasse)

 Echternach (L)  Echternacherbrück (D):

The former German customs office now hosts a bank of German Kreissparkasse.

Echternach (L)  Echternacherbrück (D):

On the bridge upon leaving the German side towards Luxemburg.


(c) Text and photos by BK April/May 2004.

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