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(19) - Rütenbrock (DE) / Ter Apel (NL)

Pictures from Dutch-German border crossing 'Rütenbrock' in the "Emsland" county (EL) in Lower Saxony west of Haren along the Federal road (Bundesstrasse)  408 resp.  N366 from Stadskanaal/NL and Veendam/NL.
The German
 408 is just 18km (11 miles) long and thus one of the shortest national trunk roads of the country.

  Border crossing:

Dutch sign-post with German road number.

  Border crossing:

Arrival on the Dutch side: end of the German  408 from Haren. View towards NL.

  Border crossing:

Abandonned chech-point along the foot-path.

  Border crossing:

Detail of the road: Border between the German Emsland and the Dutch Province Groningen.


Arrival on the German side: starting point of the German  408 towards Haren.

  German and Dutch kilometer signing along the road.

( 408 / N366 )

  Ter Apel (NL):

Arrival in the Dutch Province Groningen, we have just left Germany.

  Ter Apel (NL):

End of the Dutch trunk road ' N366 ' from Stadskanaal: the houses in the background are on German territory already.

BK December 2004

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