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(GG) - Rodange (L) / Athus (B) / Longlaville (F)

- Rodange (L):
(in lux. 'Réden op de Kor', in German 'Rodingen')

Post code: L-4801
Town quarter of Pétange (in lux. 'Péiténg', German 'Petingen').

The town quarter Rodange is the westernmost place in Southwest Luxemburg and partly surrounded by the border on three sides.

- Athus (B):
(in lux. 'Athem')

Post code: B-6791
inhabitants: 4500

Border town in the southern eastern part of 'Belgian Luxemburg' province, part of the Aubange borough.

- Longwy (F):
(in lux. 'Lonkesch')

Post code: F-54400
Départment: Meurthe et Moselle (54)
inhabitants: 15.500
- About 30 km from Luxemburg-Town and approx. 335 km from Paris.

Ext. Links: (without engagement) - Lots of photos of Rodange/Rodingen (L). - Site officiel de la COMMUNE DE PETANGE (L). - Luxemburg geography - The railway track from Esch/Alzette to the border/Rodange. - Site officiel de la COMMUNE D'AUBANGE (B).


 Rodange (L)  Rodange (L):

CFL train at Rodange terminus train station in southwestern Luxembourg: I can start walking to the borders!

(avenue de la Gare /  N5 )

 Rodange (L)  Rodange (L):

The French border is coming closer, lots of gas stations along the last 300 yards.

route de Longwy /  N5 /  E44

 Rodange (L)  Rodange (L) / Longlaville (F):

Looking back to Luxembourg: we just arrived in France and find ourselves in the Dépt. Meurthe et Moselle in Longlaville, part of Longwy, along the  N18 .

 Rodange (L) Rodange (L) / Longlaville (F):

Directly at the border line: look at the street.

 Rodange (L) Rodange (L) / Longlaville (F):

At the (former) border crossing.

 Rodange (L)  Rodange (L):

Walking back to the railway station and this time turning north, we end up at the border again after just 300 yards, however this the border to Belgium.

Rue de l'Industrie / Athemer Wee (L) - rue de Rodange (B)

 Rodange (L)  Rodange (L) / Athus (B):

After having passed through the motorway bridge (avenue de l'Europe) we have a junction to the Belgian motorway A28, which leads directly into France again (Longlaville and Longwy - as above).

Rodange (L) Rodange (L) / Athus (B):

On the way back: arriving in Rodange and walking towards the railways station. On the right the yellow sign-post of Rodange, on the left still a Belgian (blue-white) indicator.

Rue de l'Industrie / Athemer Wee  N5c 

Rodange (L) Athus (B):

Before that: upon arrival in Belgian Athus: the difference (wealth/clean) can be seen easily.

Rue de Rodange -  N872

BK May 2005

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