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(DD) - Remich sur Moselle

Remich: (in local Luxemburgish tongue 'Réimech':)

Situated in the southeastern part of Luxembourg along the N2 on the Moselle river and along the touristic Route du Vin in the scenic valley of the Moselle. (Vallée de la Moselle Luxembourgeoise)

Less than a mile away on German territory near the castle 'Thorn' another tripoint is located: in the middle of the river Moselle, the borders of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg meet with those of the German Federal States Rhineland-Pfalz and Saarland.

L-5501 Remich
2950 inhabitants
450 feet above sealevel

Distances: Luxembourg: 23 km / Trier (D): 44 km / Metz (F) 60 km

D-66706 Perl-Nennig

...borough of the city 'Perl' near the Moselle and border with Luxembourg.

 Remich (L) Remich:

View from Luxembourg over the river and towards the bridge linking Luxembourg and Germany.

(pont de Remich)

 Remich (L) Remich:

The river Moselle is the state boundary, the town of Remich is entirely situated on Luxembourg territory, there is no twin-town directly on the German side, only some living-houses and a camping, outside the built-up area.

promenade de l'Esplande

Remich (L) Remich:

The middle of the river is the border.

Remich (L) Remich:

The middle of the river is the border: we are standing on the bridge and face the silhouette of Remich.

pont de Remich, direction of rue Ernz, N2

Remich (L) Remich:

On the bridge looking towards Luxembourg.

 Remich (L)  Nennig (D):

The former border crossing with (abandonned) customs and immigrations facilities.

Remich (L) Arrival on the German side: the German Federal State Saarland.
Remich (L) The first long distance indicator after having passed the border on the B 406 (E29) direction of Mettlach. Turn right and you go south to France and to yet another tripoint...
Remich (L) On our way back to Luxembourg: leaving Nennig towards the border.
Remich (L) The former border crossing along the B406 (D) / N2 (L) on the Europa road E29 (=Luxembourg - Saarbrücken)
Remich (L) And finally: (the border is not everything) a nice tourist view of the town centre of Remich.

Rue Neuve / Neie strooss

BK November 2002

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