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(20) - Passau (D)

Passau and surroundings:

Minus the fact that the city of Passau has a nice historic town centre and is a must for tourists, it also is interesting for 'border-fans' due to the location on the border with neighbouring Austria.
Passau directly borders with Austria, but also is just 20 miles from the Czech/Bohemian border.
First the river "Inn" is the common border with Austria, then the border lies south of this river for 1.5 miles and this German piece of land van only be reached from the German mainland by bridges' and one and a half miles after leaving the river Inn, the Danube becomes the new state frontier.

The Austrian villages/boroughs called Saming and Haibach nowadays form one built-up area with Passau.
A few miles from the water plant of Jochenstein, the borderline turns north to intersect with the Czech border after 20 miles.

info: D-94034 Passau

State: Bavaria;
Province: Niederbayern (=Lower Bavaria)
Inhabitants: 50.500
License plate: PA
Height above sealevel: 1100 feet
Distances: Regensburg (D): 71 miles; Linz (A): 65 miles; Münich: 100 miles


The border seen from Ingling (A). On the left the railway track from Salzburg to Passau along the river "Inn" which does not form the state border as of this point anymore.

   Passau-Lindenthal 1:

The Passauer Straße Lindenthal close to the intersection with Hamberg Bezirksstraße (A). The farm on the left is in Austria, watch the border stone on the right.

   Passau-Lindenthal 2:

Same place, now shown from the Austrian side.

  Passau-Saming 1:

The border in built-up area: behind the small shop ends the German Mühltalstraße and thus ends Passau.

  Passau-Saming 2:

Same place, now shown from the Austrian side.

  Passau-Haibach 1:

The village Haibach is divided: The southern part is German and hence part of Passau town, also refered to as "Bavarian Haibach. The northern part is an independent borough in Austria. The river with the same name (Haibach) is the border here. The house on the right with garden still is German. On the right a border stone that welcomes the trespasser to the Federal Austrian state of "Upper Austria".

Passau-Haibach 2:

Same place, now shown from the Austrian side.



 Jochenstein 1:

The water power plant is a shared project of the German and Austrian national government.

   Jochenstein 2:

In the middle of the power plant is the State Boundary: on the German side both the Federal Republic of Germany and its state Bavaria have put a sign; on the Austrian side, no national sign/indicators could be found.

   Jochenstein 3:
This plaque shows the exact border between Austria and Bavaria (!), not "Germany"?!.

(c) photos and text (translation BK) by TM November 2001

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