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(DD) - Mondorf-Les-Bains (L) - Mondorff (F)

Mondorf-Les-Bains (Bad Mondorf):
(in luxemburgish : Munnerëf)

Spa resort in southern luxembourg along the river Gander, with thermal bath, park ans Casino.

2.900 inhabitants
192 m (875 ft.) above sea-level
Postal code: L-5618

Distances: Luxembourg: 19 km, Remich 11 km

Internet: Tourisme Mondorf, or here; and
Mondorf Thermal-Bad


situated on the southern bank of the river Gander in the French Dépt. 'Moselle' (=57) in Lorraine.

400 inhabitants
192 m (875 ft.) above sealevel
Postal code: F-57570

Distances: Metz 50 km / Paris 346 km.

Internet: Tourisme Mondorff

The spa-resort Mondorf-Les-Bains in Luxemburg, also famous for its Casino, is situated in the southernmost part of Luxemburg directly at the French border. Two areas are interesting for the border-friend:

a. the park around the spa buildings,
b. the inner-city centre with the border-crossing to France.

a. spa quarter, situated along the Avenue des Bains / Um Bad: spa sources, wellness buildings and a green park.

As the river Gander runs through the southern part of the park-area, one might assume that a few yards of the park are actually in France. The Orangerie/Pavillon for example is south of the river. On the city map, it appears that this Luxemburgish building would be in France, on the orientation maps and poles in the park itself however, the drawn border goes 'around' the building and puts it into Luxemburg by an inch.

The three tennis-courts behind the orangerie must be on French territory, but are decorated with Luxemburg billboards and sign-posts only. As they are not accessible from the French side anyway (unless you volunteer to climb fences and walk over a few meadows with grasing cows), we may assume that this little spot was 'confiscated' by Luxemburg...

No border markers to be found that would proof either theory. (But maybe I missed them...)

The Gander runs through the town, but it is not a wide river, rather a 'ditch.'

b. The (official) border crossing in the town centre (see below for coverage)

Mondorff (F) in France is unspectacular and just a collection of grey and calm living-houses along the main Rue de Paris (D1) and side streets. Historic monuments if it all only on the Luxemburg side.


Mondorf (f) Mondorf (L + F):

General view: extract from town map.

Mondorf (f) Mondorf (L):

On our way to Mondorf coming from Luxembourg-City.

(route deLuxembourg; N16)

Mondorf (f) Former check point and border crossing.
 Mondorf (f)  Mondorf:

The Gander: small river dividing Luxembourg and France.

Mondorf (f) Mondorf:

In addition to the bridge and crossing for automobile traffic, there have been placed several (movable) pedestrian bridges which allow passing from one to the other country easily.

(chemin Altbach)

 Mondorf (f)  Mondorf:

bilingual street name in the town-centre. (Luxemburgish/French)

Mondorf (f)  Mondorf:

On the bridge over the border-river Gander: passing from Luxemburg into France and looking back to the Luxemburg side.

Mondorf (f) Mondorf:

The little customs and immigrations office of Luxembourg with colorful paintings on the outside walls.

Mondorf (f) Mondorf:

The little customs and immigrations office of Luxembourg with colorful paintings on the outside walls..

Mondorf (f) Mondorf:

Detail of the small customs border house.

Mondorf (f) From Place Weber in Mondorf-Les-Bains, one can enjoy an interesting view to the French side.

(place Weber)

Mondorf (f) Mondorf:

The former customs and border checkpoint house in the middle of the street situated on the bridge: nowadays the tourist office of the French side; there is another tourist office near the spa-park.

Mondorf (f) Mondorf:

Place name board of Luxembourg: we are leaving Mondorf and - enter: Mondorff.

Mondorf (f) Mondorf:

And finally a rather touristic view: the town-hall of Luxembourg Mondorf-Les-Bains.

('avenue Fr. Clement', corner 'avenue des villes jumelées')

Mondorf (f) Mondorff (F):

Arrival on the French side.

(rue de Paris; D1)

Mondorf (f) Mondorff (F):

a 'tourist' view on the French side: the town-hall of the French half, just 250 yards from the border.

Mondorf (f) Mondorff (F)

Main street on the French side, with view to the Luxemburg side.

(rue de Paris)

Mondorf (f) Mondorff (F)

Main street on the French side, with view to the Luxemburg side.

(rue de Paris)

Mondorf (f) Mondorf (F)

On our journey to the French hinterland: leaving Mondorff and 'entering' France.

(c) Text and photos by BK January 2003

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