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(17) a.) Malscheid (L) border
  b.) Tripoint at Ouren (B)
Main border crossing point in the rural north of Luxemburg along the E421 being the long distance trunk road from Liège (B) - Malmédy (B) - Sankt Vith (B) - to Ettelbruck/Diekirch (L) - Luxembourg.

The Belgian National Road N62 leads us from Sankt Vith down south towards the border and becomes the N12on the Luxemburg side.

Directly behind the border crossing when entering Luxemburg, the N7 crosses, and the long distance traffic follows the primary road E421 by turning left.

   Wemperhardt (L) / Reuland (B):

Bordercrossing seen from the North: abandonned customs patrol house and Luxembourg traffic and information signs.

   Wemperhardt (L) / Reuland (B):

The same place with the Luxembourg traffic signs. Straight ahead for the N12 to Troisvierges (L); the main primary road however (which crosses here) is the N7 down south to Heinerscheid (L) and further on to Diekirch (L). To the right the N7 follows the borderline for 3 miles before becoming the N68 towards Trois-Ponts and Stavelot on Belgian territory.
The advertising billboard on the right is in German only, as it refers to a shop in the German speaking county of Belgium.

   The abandonned border patrol house in the middle of the road, upon entering the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
  The former entrance of the building from closer-by: the board above the door says "Belgian and Luxembourg taxes", without further explaining what it would mean. The building itself is empty and all furniture has been removed.
  View in the other direction, towards the north: traffic sign of the Belgian borough 'Reuland' (B)
Last direction sign on Luxembourg territory, on the right the national sign of Belgium in German first, then in French, as the borough Reuland is one of the six German speaking communities in Eastern Belgium.
In Burg Reuland (B) German is the official language, while the big majority of the country would be Dutch or French speaking. This picture was taken on the way to the next highlight of the journey: the tripoint...

Tripoint with 'Monument of Europe' near Ouren (B), borough of Reuland. The momument remembers the foundation of the European community in the late 50s and its first six members.

The monument is composed of six huge stones each one brought in from one of the original founding states. It was erected in 1977 in presence of various local Ministers.



Situation of the tripoint near Ouren (B) on the river Our, quiet and peaceful at the end of the Our-Valley. The place can only be reached by car from Belgian or Luxembourg side, from the German side, you have to walk.

How to get there?
From Luxembourg
leave the
N7 after Heinerscheid and turn to the N338 direction Lieler.

From Belgium: leave the N62 in Oudler and take the N693 to Burg Reuland, then follow road signs 'Ouren / Europadenkmal' .

From Germany: a bit more complicated, take the autobahn A60 Bitburg/Prüm into Belgium and near Sankt Vith (exit 15) go to Burg Reuland. (see above...)

The finish: border stone on the German bank of the river Our south of village Ouren (B).
Europadenkmal Ouren (B) on Belgian territory.
The State boundary Belgium-Luxembourg is south of Ouren next to the European Monument and can be spotted on the road. To join the 3rd state boundary (Germany) you have to walk on a footpath towards the river Our over the wooden bridge - and there you are.
Under the bridge - view from the German side of the river, with border stone on the left.

BK April 2002 (C); Pictures tripoint courtesy of PH

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