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(52) - Liechtenstein

Principality of Liechtenstein (FL):

small independant state in the Alps, squeezed in between Austria and Switzerland.

Has a rather extended currency and economic agreement (union) with neighboring Switzerland, after having had similar contract with Austria until 1923.

Meaning in practise: Currency is Swiss Frank (not the Euro, although widely accepted), and prices for fuel and value added tax for example are same level.
Supermarket chains (Co-Op, Denner, Migros) and goods-in-stores are the same as in Switzerland.

Border controles and customs beween FL and CH do not exist, the customs and border controls to Austria are handled by Swiss authorties on Liechtenstein territory. Road signs and traffic rules are identic to Switzerland.


Size: 160 square km
Inhabitants: 32.000
Max. width: 8 miles / max. length: 14 miles (!)

Capital city: Vaduz

General information on the Principality:

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On the bridge over the river Rhine towards Balzers (FL) : Street sign and coat of arms of Liechtenstein.

In the background Gutenberg castle in Balzers can be seen.


The river Rhine forms the state boundary between Switzerland and Liechtenstein, yet no border checkpoint as if one was passing from one province/borough to another, still we are going abroad!

Liechtenstein 3:

Radio L is the only radio station on the air in Liechtenstein and can be captured on various FM frequencies around the country.

Vaduz (FL):

Leaving the capital city Vaduz, you get to the Rhine and hence enter Switzerland after a few hundred yards.

Vaduz (FL):

Leaving Vaduz, you get to the Rhine, next to the modern concrete bridge for car traffic, and old wooden bridge can be found for pedestrians and cyclists only.


The 'real border' finally, between the Principality and Austria: Checkpoint Schaanwald in the picture, customs and immigrations is done by Swiss customs officers and the text above the station reads translated:
Swiss customs office in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Schaanwald (FL):

the last village before passing the border into Austria: Schaanwald, after all 7 miles from the capital city of Vaduz.

Schaanwald (FL):

Truck of the Liechtenstein Post parked at the border.

Schaanwald (FL):

Coming from Austria and entering Liechtenstein.

(Vorarlberger Strasse)

Feldkirch (A):

On the Austrian side, the Bundesstraße 191 leads us to Feldkirch after 2,5 miles.
In the picture: Austrian trunk-road sign.



Schaan (FL):
The only train station of some importance in Liechtenstein along the railway track linking Swiss Buchs (CH) to Austrian Feldkirch (A).

Contrary to the initial foreword above, the railway line is operated by the Austrian state railways: ÖBB!!

Balzers FL:

along the road from Balzers (FL) to Maienfeld (CH) we reach the only 'dry' border crossing from Liechtenstein into Switzerland with an old border-pole in the grass.

BK June 2002

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