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(53) - Leymen (F)


The public transport in the Basle region is handled by BVB (=Basler Verkehrsbetriebe serving Basel-town) and the BLT (=Baselland Transport AG serving Basel-Land/county).

Tram line No. "10" of local BLT goes from Dornach Bahnhof via Basel Central Station SBB to Rodersdorf, but touches French territory for two miles near its terminus before returning to Swiss grounds. Curiously there are no border formalities.

The village called Leymen is situated in the French Dépt. "68" and is part of the Alsace region where a Germanic dialect is spoken by the locals, as well as scattered rests of standard German, next to 'ruling' French. Often stret names are bilingual like the main street in standard French and Alsatian dialect. (" rue de Flüh / Flüh-stross" )

   Flüh (CH) / Leymen (F):

Leaving Swiss village of Flüh we directly reach the Swiss-French border. However despite of the fact that this is a EU/Non-EU border, no checkpoint or passport control.

  Flüh (CH) / Leymen (F):

Leaving the village Flüh and Switzerland at the same time.

Flüh (CH) :

Turning back and entering Flüh village (again), a big street board indicating the max. speed limits for Swiss territory.


Looking from the French side: the entrance of the quiet village and the tramway station on the left just outside this picture frame.

Flüh (CH) / Leymen (F):

Instead of immigrations and checkpoint, just a big board asking (in French and German) to obey the customs regulations and to pass only with valid papers.

Flüh (CH) / Leymen (F):

The tram railway track continues into France...

Leymen (F):

On the platform at Leymen station, we see a letter-box of French " La Poste" next to a ticket-vending machine of Swiss TNW.

   Leymen (F):

The tramway stop in French Leymen rather reminds us of a small railway station. If you observe closely, you might notice the Swiss stickers and boards of local Swiss public transport provider "BLT".

Leymen (F):

At the station in Leymen (F): Information board of the Swiss cstoms authorities in French only.

Leymen (F):

We came by car, not by tram unfortunately; when driving further down the road, we enter Switzerland again via this closed and apparently abandonned wooden checkpoint.

Leymen (F):

Next to it, a bilingual (German and French) sign-post of the Swiss customs authorities.

BK June 2002

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