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(27) - Lauterbourg (F) - Neulauterburg (D)

The French town of Lauterbourg is situated in the most northeastern part of France near the German border: on the German side a small village with the same name can be found, yet with the prefix "New" namely : Neulauterburg.

F-67360 Lauterbourg:

2500 inhabitants / altitude : 630 feet
Province: "Bas-Rhin" 67 (=Lower Rhine)
Distances: Strasbourg: 38 miles; Karlsruhe: 15 miles

D-76768 Neulauterburg:

Borough Berg, Kreis Germersheim
altitude : 630 feet
Federal State: Rhineland Palatinate


Arrival on the French side: we have just left Germany.


looking back on the main road towards Germany.


View towards German Neulauterburg from the French side.


one last advertisement billboard of a known French Hypermarché chain and we enter German territory.


The city boundary also is the state boundary: in the background on the right side, a few German (yellow) street boards can be spotted.


Arrival on the German side: observe the little former customs border patrol house, now out of service.


   We have left Lauterbourg/Neulauterburg en went eastwards to the Rhine, where we find the international bycycle path from Basle (Switzerland) to Mainz (Germany)
   Direction north: we are approaching the invisible border.
   Along the bycycle path: the Rhine on the right: the state boundary is situated in the middle of the broad river.
  An old stone along the way: indicating 5.5 miles to Lauterbourg.
  Detail: street board for cyclists: to Germany or to the French hinterland?
But what if you don't know that "Mayence" actually is the French translation of German town Mainz ??
  Detail: street board for cyclists.

BK October 2001

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