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(21) - Konstanz (D) / Kreuzlingen (CH)

German Constance and Swiss Kreuzlingen are one built-up area from a bird eye's view. The historic town centre of German Constance is situated on the left side of the Rhine, i.e. the "Swiss" side.


  Lake Constance: The border with Kreuzlingen (CH) directly at the lake. The border is secured with a fence, trespassing is forbidden here. You have to take the official border check-point half a mile from this place.
   Kreuzlingen Wiesenstrasse View from the Swiss side: the border in built-up area. The fence marks the border between Wiesenstraße in Kreuzlingen and the same street in Konstanz. Crossing the border here is illegal.
   Kreuzlingen Zaun Behind the fence lie the railway tracks and station of German Constance. There is a boundary-stone near the fence.
    Border crossing in the built-up area for passenger cars and local traffic: photographed from the German towards the Swiss side.

(c) Text and photos by TM 2000, English translation by BK

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