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(12) - Kreis Kleve (Lower Rhine County)

The northernmost area of the 'District Kleve' has always been a borderland and people and ground have been moving from one province or country to the other frequently over the last centuries. In 1963 the final borderline was confirmed.

no more border patrol, you can cross the State Boundary without formalities nowadays.
  Abandoned border-check-point house. It meanwhile hosts a newspaper and lotery shop by the way.
  Wyler/Kranenburg: border check-point for vehicles and customs clearance section: abandoned since the Schengen-Treaty of 1996.
   Bilingual street signs and announcements can often be found in the German Kleve-area, although Dutch-language has no official status here.
  Long distance street sign posting in the Lower Rhine county: most places have names of Dutch or Low German origin.
   Kranenburg (DE)

bilingual text on the window of this snack-shop.

BK 17. September 2000

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