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(16) - Glanerbrug (NL) - Glanerbrücke (D)

The unspectecular town of Glanerbrug lies halfway between Dutch Enschede and German Gronau (Westfalia) along the Dutch-German border.

The borderline is a very old one: oldest records date from 1618 describing the border between the bishoprics of Utrecht and Münster.

A place called Glanerbrug/-brücke is found on both sides of the border: the tiny river 'Glanerbeek' divides the German town of Gronau (W.) and the Dutch Community of Enschede (NL).

Glanerbrug: 4 miles east of Enschede, borough Enschede, Province of Overijsel, Region Twente.

Glanerbrücke: quarter of the city of Gronau (Westfalia) in the County Borken (car-license plate: BOR), Province Münster in the German State/Land of Northrhine-Westfalia.


   Glanerbrug (NL):

Dutch direction sign: to the right go to Germany, to the left go to the Dutch hinterland.

   Glanerbrug (NL)

just 175 yards left to the border.

    Leaving Glanerbrug: behind the street sign over the bridge already on German ground lies a Restaurant.

cross-border international corporation for communities and boroughs close to the common border .
The administration office is on the German side at Glanerbrücke, just 200 yards from the border.

  Glanerbrücke (D)

The Restaurant on the right still is in Germany, behind it lies the frontier.
(Admittedly the picture is a bit too dark, so you need to look twice to spot the Dutch town-sign.)

  Glanerbrücke (D)

Bus-stop: German unified "H"-stop sign and time table of Dutch bus and coach provider called ConneXXion.

   At the former border post:

the small river 'Glanerbeek' marks the border between Germany and Holland here, for the long distance traffic a new truk road around the town has been built meanwhile.

   At the former border post:

The block of flats opposite the street is in Holland, the photo itself was taken from German ground..

   At the former border post:

Border stone No. 848: in 1824 the wooden border markers were replaced by numbered stone markers.
The counting started at the French-Luxemburg border and in total 862 poles were placed.
No. 862 is still found at the historic tripoint (Hannover-Country, Prussia und Holland) near Losser. (NL)

   Glanerbrug (NL):

arrival on the Dutch side: the first hundred yards after having crossed the border..

news: railway was re-opened in fall 2001!! With local German trains extended to Enschede Mainstation.
 Glanerbrug (NL): view towards Germany.

abandonned and unused railway-tracks: on the Dutch side the ICs from Amsterdam and Rotterdam end in Enschede 4 miles from here; on German side only local trains from Münster/Dortmund travelled upto Gronau (Westf.) 5 miles from here.

Glanerbrug (NL):

old picture postcard of the border crossing.

Glanerbrug (NL):

Old painting of the border crossing.

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