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(11) - Essen (BE)

Taking the train from Antwerp Central Station towards Rotterdam/Amsterdam, you reach the small town of 'Essen' (15.500 inhabitants) after a 30 minute ride (not to be confused with the West-German town Essen north of Düsseldorf in the Ruhr-area by the way)

Essen is the northernmost town of Belgium/Flanders and borders with Holland, yet the whole city is on Belgian territory still.

   City boundary: street bord with city name, signpost of the Flemish community and old boundary post.

Essenseweg (NL) / Nieuwstraat (B) [N133]

   View towards Essen-town centre (Nieuwstraat) with Belgian national signpost in the middle of the road.
   At the small intersection, the borderline is marked on the street with little bricks. On the right the house where customs used to have its office.

Grensstraat, corner Nieuwstraat

  The "grensstraat" (literally 'border street') 120 yards further: the whole street is on Belgian territory, the border follows the left verge.
  Small detail: Belgian streetname (grensstraat) and Dutch street name. (Kloosterweg) Behind the mini-wire lies the Dutch community/district 'Roosendaal-Nispen'.
  former border check-point (customs) on the N133.


(11b) - Strijbeek (NL) / Meerle (B)

4 miles south of Dutch town Breda, along a tiny river, we find the border to neighboring Belgium:


   Coming from Antwerp: End of National Road "N14", we are entering the Netherlands.
   Old borderstone marking the border between the Provinces North-Brabant (NL) and Antwerp (B) in the middle of the river.
   120 yards from the border-line: street sign informing about Belgian speed limits (in km/h).
  Borderstone and river again.
  Directly at the border: Belgian Restaurant "De Douanier" (="the customs officer")

BK December 2000

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