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(11) - Erquelinnes (B) - Jeumont (F)

The Belgian (Wallonian) town 'Erquelinnes' (Hainaut) is situated directly at the border and from a bird eye's views forms one agglomeration with neighboring French city of Jeumont.
   City limits: the roundabout is the border between France and Belgium.

rue d'Erquelinnes (F) / rue Albert 1er (B)

  Due to the border, the French street post indicating the town name can hardly be spotted, as it was put close to the railway's fence.

rue d'Erquelinnes

   Leaving Erquelinnes in a narrow street in a residential area off the main-road, you hardly notice that you enter France: the language spoken on both sides (minus the local accent) is the same.
All living houses in the background are on French territory.

rue de Maubeuge

  Belgian postal letter-box (red, in France they are yellow...) and street sign post: we are in Wallonia.

rue de Maubeuge

  Those houses are all on French territory, but the photo was taken in Belgium. The exact border-line is not marked on the pavement, so the line drawn in the picture is a good guess.
  Looking south to the railway track.

rue St. Antoine

arrival on the French side when following the main street along the railway.
And finally: to satisfy the tourist needs: a view of the town hall in Erquelinnes (B).

BK July 2001

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