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(13) - Elten-Emmerich (Niederrhein)

Elten (Germany)

The appearance of the quarter Elten rather is Dutch than German as far as architecture is concerned.
The former village Elten (4.400 inhabitants) is surrounded by Dutch territory on three sides and is part of the city
Emmerich nowadays.
From 1949 till 1963 Elten was part of the Netherlands. Following the agreements in the Dutch-German Treaty of 1963 the village was transferred back to Germany on August 1st, 1963.

  A Dutch coffee-house with Dutch language signs in Germany? In the village called Elten this is possible. (1.5 miles from the border)
  This photo was taken in Germany (Elten-village) as well: Notice some inscriptions are in Dutch others in German language.
  Dutch architecture in downtown Elten.
  Eltener Markt (Kreis Kleve/Niederrhein) Hotel/Restaurant with original Dutch language name.

"Elten gooseneck"

Elten: when leaving the village in Northern direction towards Arnhem/Holland, the actual border can be reached after a mile. The territory is surrounded on three sides by Dutch territory, the 'complicated' border situation was re-created in August 1963 when this area became German again.

 Elten Bordermarkers in the grass next to the main road. This is where one of Germany's original long distance roads (Bundesstrasse 8.) No 8 begins/ends.
 Elten Directly at the border:
the first building we encounter 50 yards from the borderline is a restaurant called "the old frontier"
 Elten The first yards on German territory (we just left Holland) in direction of German Elten/Emmerik. The photo shows territory that was Dutch until 1963.
 Elten Grens After disappearing of border control and new paving of the road, the exact borderline nowadays is invisible.
 Elten Grens The last 100 yards on German territory: in the background we can see the restaurant and parking lot already.

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