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(30b) - Bayrisch Eisenstein (D) / Zelezná Ruda (CZ)

Taking the German Federal National Road 11 from Bavarian town Zwiesel in northern direction, you will reach the border town Bayrisch Eisenstein after 10 miles: a railway station building can be found there, located half on German and half on Czech territory...


   General view: situation of the railway building
   The German part of the building.
   The Czech part of the building:

blue-white fence and board 'state boundary'.

Inside the building:

the rail next to the door marks the border.

Inside the building:

Border stone on the floor marks the border, and 'DB' is the abbreviation for 'Germany-Bavaria', while "CS" is the old abbreviation for Czechoslovaquia.

Bavarian border office on the platform .

White board saying:
No trespassing - Customs and immigrations (this way)

Inside the building:

board on a rope saying "STAATSGRENZE - kein Durchgang - Eingang über das Hauptportal".
(=meaning: "State Boundary - no entry - entrance via main door")

(unfortunately the quality of this picture is not so good...)

m o r e More photos of the border between Germany and the Czech Republic can be found:

here (shortly...)

BK/UM 25 March 2002

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