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(37) - Eisenhüttenstadt

D-15890 Eisenhüttenstadt:

Town in the Land Brandenburg along the railway track from Frankfurt/O. to Guben where Oder-Spree-Canal and the river Oder meet.

The old-town (Fürstenberg) is situated on the Oder-Neisse-borderline, yet still entirely on German territory.

-Inhabitants:: 41,000
- Oder-Spree-community (license plate: LOS)
-until 1994: independent community (plate: EH)

Eisenhüttenstadt Eisenhüttenstadt:

General view/town-map with borderline to PL.

 Eisenhüttenstadt Eisenhüttenstadt:

Near the outer limit of the old-town at the Oder-Spree-Canal: Customs clearance (for barges) of Polish and German customs in one building.

 Eisenhüttenstadt Eisenhüttenstadt:

The outskirts of Fürstenberg/O.: View of the Oder-Spree-Canal 250 yards before its confluent with the river Oder. (=see arrow marked in the map)

Eisenhüttenstadt Eisenhüttenstadt:

At the end of the eastern old-town: street called "Bollwerk"

 Eisenhüttenstadt Eisenhüttenstadt:

View of Oderberge down to the Oder-Spree-Canal. The meadows in the far background are in Poland. There is no border-crossing facilities here, there is no built-up area on the Polish side.

 Eisenhüttenstadt Eisenhüttenstadt:

Easternmost street of the town with the customs office (white building) on the left.


 Eisenhüttenstadt Eisenhüttenstadt:

And finally: a tourist view of downtown Fürstenberg/Oder, today part of Eisenhüttenstadt. Close to the EU-border.


 Eisenhüttenstadt  Eisenhüttenstadt:

Long distance traffic indicator in EH: all places along the Oder-Neisse borderline.

BK Text / Photos BK February 2003

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