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Dutch - German border and others 

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Okay, we live in one united Europe, and from Amsterdam (Holland) to Cologne (Germany) it's less than 3 hours by train, but still it seems very far away: other language, currency, different architecture and other way of life.

Nowadays you can cross most West European borders without any passport or customs control, but still it's obvious to see: you enter foreign territory.

Sure, somewhere must be the border. So what's it like living at the State Frontier? Imagine your neighbour on the opposite side of the street, 100 yards from your own front-door, lives in another country, speaks another language you don't understand, and receives totally different channels on Cable?

Impossible? Well, the state boundary does not always follows rivers, forests or uninhabited area; no, sometimes it virtually runs through your back-yard. Have a look at this...

Latest up-date:

April 2008: Internal Mexican State border (No. 66)
May 2008: Dutch-Belgian border (No. 22)
May 2009: San Marino (No. 55)
Sept. 2009: German-Belgian border (No. 45)


Note: Internet use has changed during the years.

When this site was started, 14” monitors and analog 56 kbps modems were standard. Space at host (in GB) was on the small side.

Today DSL and 17" or 19" screens are common in many offices and homes. And more traffic on site is allowed.

The original photos however were taken with an analog camera and scanned manually. Quality and size may not be considered ‘good’ from today’s point of view. Pls. bear in mind that a lot pictures were taken years ago and hence are small and sometimes blurry.

New editions are taken with a digital camera and are bigger in size. Old pictures may be substituted where new digitals versions are available.

The editor/Feb. 11th 2007

Contents :

a.) In the BeNeLux:
01 Vaals (NL) / Aachen (D) Holland's southernmost town (07/29/00 )
02 Kerkrade (NL) / Herzogenrath Where the main street is the border for 1 mile (07/2900)
03 Oeding Border crossing in western Germany(10/26/2007)
04 's-Heerenberg/Emmerich Abandoned border check-point facilities (12/16/2000)
05 Dinxperlo / Suderwick Dutch-German bordertown (07/29/00)
06 Nordhorn/Denekamp Bordercrossing before and after Schengen Treaty
07 Putte (NL) / Putte (B) Dutch-Belgian bordervillage ( 07/29/00)
08 Baarle Nassau - Hertog Staying in two States at the same time (07/29/00)
09 Various pictures ...along the Dutch/Belgian/French/Luxemb. borders
10 Landgraaf (NL) South Limburg Dutch border town. (05/14/2003)
11 Essen (Antw.) + Strijbeek (Breda) Border village + -crossing in 'Antwerp Province' (03/12/00) (04/16/2001)
12 LowerRhine county: Kleve area Where two cultures and peoples meet
13 LowerRhine county: Elten area Former Dutch, now German village and its surroundings.


LowerRhine county: near Spyk Near Spyk and Lobith on the Rhine: border-country
15 Around Venlo (NL) Border crossings around Dutch town of Venlo. (01/18/2005)
16 Enschede (NL) Quarter 'Glanerbrug' divided by the frontier (04/11/01)
17 Selfkant incl. Millen (DE/NL) Germany's westernmost borough (02/03/2003) NEW PHOTOS Oct. 2007!!!
18 Hebelermeer (D) / Zwartmeer (NL) Border crossing in the rural Emsland county (02/12/2004)
19 Rütenbrock (D) / Ter Apel (NL) Border crossing in the rural Emsland county (06/12/2004)
20 Nieuweschans (NL) Border crossing in the rural Reiderland county (04/18/2005)
21 Zwillbrock (D) / Zwilbroek (NL) Border crossing in the western Münsterland county (06/11/2007)
22 Weert (NL) - Kessenich (B) Dutch-Belgian border (05/04/2008)
extra St. Maarten (NL) - St-Martin (F) Where 'Holland' borders with France (07/20/2002)


b. Luxembourg:
AA Luxembourg General introduction
BB Wemperhardt border crossing Malscheid and tripoint (04/14/2002)
CC Remich border bridge over the Mosel (11/11/2002)
DD Mondorf(f) Divided French-Luxemburg town (01/06/2003)
EE Schmiede Northernmost point of Luxembourg (10/27/2002)
FF Schengen At the meeting point of Luxemburg, Germany and France. (05/22/03)
GG Rodange In the south-westernmost corner of Luxemburg. (05/23/2005)
HH River Sûre Echternach and Bollendorf on the river Sûre (05/13/2004)
II Wallendorf Wallendorf/Germany and Wallendorf-Bridge in Luxemburg (07/01/2005)


c. Around Germany (excl. NL):
20 Around Passau (Danube) The 'Bavarian'-Austrian border (03/26/2002)
21 Konstanz (D) -Kreuzlingen (CH) Border City at Lake Constance (21.10.2000)
22 Büsingen + Jestetten (D) German village on Swiss territory (21.10.2000)
23 German-Polish border (I) Frankfurt/O. - Slubice: divided city (12.11.2000)
24 German-Polish border (II) Guben - Gubin: divided city (12.11.2000)
25 German-Polish border (III) Divided Island Usedom on Baltic shore (12.11.2000)
26 Strasbourg-Kehl on the Rhine French, German and Alsatian culture mix (22.01.2001)
27 Lauterbourg - Neulauterburg Along the river 'Lauter' in France and Germany
28 Scheibenhardt - Scheibenhard French-German double village (26.10.2001)
29 Near Wissembourg (F) On the French-German border (26.10.2001)
30 Around Southern Bavaria Border in the Bavarian/Bohemian mountain range
31 Around Southern Bavaria Border at the railway station (26.03.2002)
Bayrisch Eisenstein (D) / Zelezná Ruda (CZ)
32 Around Basle (CH) The Rhine around Basle and the tripoint (10/04/02)
33 On the Rhine (I) Rheinfelden: German-Swiss twin-town (07/27/2002)
34 On the Rhine (II) Laufenburg: German-Swiss twin-town (07/20/2002)
35 German-Polish border (IV) Görlitz (D) / Zgorzelec (PL) (19/06/2006)
36 German-Polish border (V) Küstrin-Kietz (D) - Kostrzyn Odrz. (PL) (08/07/2002)
37 German-Polish border (VI) near Eisenhüttenstadt (D) (01/25/2003)
38 Gross-Rosseln (D) + Petite Rosselle (F)
Rilch.-Hanweiler (D) + Saareguemines (F)
Kleinblittersdorf (D) + Grosbliederstroff (F)
Borders in the Saarland state (08/25/2005)
39 Lindau (D) and Bregenz (A) German-Austrian border at Lake Constance (09.06.2006)
40 German-Polish border (VII) Zittau (D) and Ostritz (06/27/2006)
41 Bayerisch Gmain (D) and Grossgmain (A) The 'Bavarian'-Austrian border (10/16/2007)


d. Belgium:
40  Bon Secours "Border church" at Belgian-French post (07/29/00)
41 Stoubach (B) - Stupbach (D) Divided village in the river Our valley (10/13/2002)
42 Erquelinnes - Jeumont Belgian-French border-towns (07/24/2001)
43 Region Lille (F) Comines (F) - Comines/Komen (B) +
Waasten/Warneton (B) - Warneton (F)
44 Region Lille (F) Ploegsteert (B) / Armentières (F) (01/20/2003)
45 NEW North of Eupen German-Belgian border south of Aachen (20-Sep-2009)
46 Region Lille (F) Neuville-en-Ferrain (F) - Mouscron (B) (under preparation)
47 Region Lille (F) Wattrelos (F) - Mouscron (B) (under preparation)
48 Region Lille (F) Leers (F) - Leers-North (B) (06/20/2003)
49 French coast (F) Adinkerke (B) - Bray-Dunes (F) (11/22/2003)


e. Other European borders:
50 Komárom (H) - Komárno (SK) Border city on the river Danube (06/09/2001)
51 near Menton F (Mentone) French-Italian border on the Côte d'Azur (05/08/02)
52 Liechtenstein (FL) Swiss and Austrian borders (05/20/2002)
53 South of Basle (CH) Swiss tramway through French village (07/27/2002)
54 Lucelle (CH / FR ) Swiss-French village and an international road (05/31/03)
55 San Marino (RSM) Enclave inside Italy (21-May-2009)


f. Extras/Specials/others:
60 On the border EU-speed limit information signs 04/11/2001 update 09/07/03
GIB in Gibraltar British-Spanish border on the Costa del Sol (22.11.2005)
63 reworked around Germany German internal tripoints. 08/25/2006
64 around Holland Dutch internal tripoints 09/20/2001
65 Ulm/Neu Ulm Border within Germany (Bavaria/Baden-Württemberg) 04/05/03
66 Mexico Border between the states Sinaloa and Durango 04/29/08

Collection of 'Strange and unusual border towns' in Europe: Here


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