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(30a) - Czech-German border

Pictures of the Czech-German border in Bavaria and Bohemia:

   Haidmühle 1:

Approx. 6 miles from the tripoint Germany/Austria/Czech Republic lies Haidmühle bordering directly with CZ.
In the picture the pedestrian crossing. Behind the border, yet before passing Czech immigrations a Duty Free Shop can be seen.

   Haidmühle 2:

Same border crossing from close-by: Czech immigrations building, Duty Fee Shop covered by trees in the photo.

   Haidmühle 3:

On the Czech side of the border, a post sign with Czech coat of arms can be seen. Next to it a commemorative stone, as Bohemian Forest (Sumava in Czech) had been awarded with the title "region of the year".

   Haidmühle 4:

The border seen from Czech side.

    View of the river Moldau (Mltava)

TM November 2001

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