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(08) - Baarle Nassau / Hertog

The Dutch-Belgian twin-community of Baarle-Nassau (NL) / Baarle-Hertog (BE) probably is the most bizarre community of the world: On Dutch Territory we find 21 pieces of Belgian/Flemish land spread over the Dutch landscape; 3 miles north of the real Dutch/Belgian frontier.

   Arrival in Baarle Nassau (NL) / Baarle Hertog (BE):
Double street bord.
   Baarle Nassau (NL) / Baarle Hertog (BE):The borderline runs through a living-house here.
   Baarle Nassau (NL) / Baarle Hertog (BE):
A double police-station: Dutch and Belgian officer on duty.
   Baarle Nassau (NL) / Baarle Hertog (BE):
This shop is separated by the border. As the bord on top tells, it has two phone lines and can be reached from both countries by local/national call.
   Baarle Nassau (NL) / Baarle Hertog (BE):
Lots of streets criss-cross both communities: Dutch and Belgian street name sign.
   Baarle Nassau (NL) / Baarle Hertog (BE):
Auction house with two coats of arms: Netherlands and Belgium.
Inside the store: the border is marked on the floor. The owner has two telephone sets on his desk: one of the Dutch telecom and one of the Belgian Belgacom, so he can phone locally to both countries. He also has two cash-desks: one for Dutch GST and for Belgian GST.

BK translated November 2000; update April 2002

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